Upcoming Events

*RESCHEDULED TO JULY 22-24 GPAA Pomona Gold Show (volunteers are needed to work contact Ken Maltby)*

May 14 Hemet Outing to Cajon Pass Claim Meet at 138 at Mc Donalds at 8:00am to convoy in

May 17 SPMA General Meeting

May 21-22 TSSD Freedom Claim and Splash Claim Assessment Outing

June 1 TSSD General Meeting

June 4 Temecula Valley General Meeting

June 5 TSSD Metal Detecting Ocean Beach

June 13 Hemet General Meeting

June Seeded Hunt at Crown Point Shores with Picnic afterwards TBA at this time

June 21 SPMA General Meeting

July 6 TSSD General Meeting

July 7 TSSD Board Meeting

July 10 TSSD Monthly Metal Detecting Coronado

July 17 TSSD Summer Picnic at Dixon Lake