President’s Msg

Happy June Everyone,
Wow, another month has come and gone already, it’s kinda scary at times.
I was up at the outing near Johannesburg/Red Mountain, and this was probably it for the season in the high and low deserts, the week before it hit 100 and it was the low to mid 90’s for the weekend with thunderstorms. The digging was tough in the heat and round 2 and 3 nearly impossible. You had to take shade breaks and drink a lot of fluids. I still rang my bells and ended up lightheaded. It’s definitely time to check out cooler locations. At the meeting on June 7th, I will be revealing our new Big Bear claim, BB1, where we can prospect in the pines with temperatures in the 80’s for the summer. Since I first joined the association, we have really needed a summer camp and now we have one. In the old days we used to just go dark for the summer with the exception of the annual picnic. By the time you read this Jerry G and I will have visited the claim to put in temporary posting and the discovery notice. We had planned to do it before now, but this winter there was 14 feet of snow up there that had to melt before we could gain access to the area. We will also be checking out the parking, access routes, and taking pictures. At July’s meeting we are having a member’s craft night. We did this about 5 years ago and I was personally blown away by how talented you all are. I know quite a few of you are heading to Roaring Camp and AKAU, have fun and happy prospecting.
That’s about it for now, and I’ll see you at the meeting or in the field.
Jerry k