President’s Msg

Hello Everyone;
Welcome to October. This is the month when it cools off enough to get back out into the deserts and get in some drywashing and metal detecting. Almost all of the associations in the region are planning trips both this month and next before the holidays start so dust off your equipment and make sure it is running correctly BEFORE traveling to the claims and then finding a problem. PLP starts the month with their Fallfest in the Red Mountain area and SPMA will have outings to their Cargo 6 claim in October and Pot Holes in November. We will be off to Barstow for a gem collecting trip the third weekend. Originally it was scheduled for the spring, but better late than not at all. November’s trip will be to the Freedom claim. I will put up recaps after the events.

***Our TSSD October meeting has been changed to the second Wednesday October 11th with the Board meeting on the 12th. The Knights of Columbus Hall is having their floor redone on the first Wednesday.