Monthly Outing

Alrighty, the September monthly outing happened on the 16th and was our second Night Seeded Hunt. We decided to try something different last year and those that attended really enjoyed it. We repeated last year’s experiment even though for awhile it looked like it might be a rainout. At my house near UCSD it was lightly raining as I left for Mission Beach, the streets and sidewalks were wet and I needed the wipers on the car, several others went through light rain on the way down from Escondido and Santee. The evening began with free tacos provided by H&R Block and the San Diego Avocado council who had a food truck in the parking lot for last minute tax questions before the filing deadline. We then proceeded with the hot dog dinner during sunset. It was then time to set up and seed the volleyball courts near Bonita Cove. 13 people showed up and 12 participated in the hunt which began as soon as full darkness had fallen just before 8:00. JerryG provided 1,485 coins, 28 foreign coins, 8 pieces of jewelry, and 34 tokens for a total of 1,555 objects planted. We found 1,547 items and 30 of the tokens in 1 hour 17 minutes, Nicely done. Special thanks to everyone who brought sides and desserts and of course to JerryG for another job well done. The tokens were exchanged for numismatic coins at the count after the hunt.
The top 3 detectorists are:
JerryG 233 coins 2 tokens he was using an older Sovereign Detector with a small coil
Erik Ferdman 205 coins 3 tokens
Randy Hegyi 173 coins 3 tokens