Metal Detecting

This past Sunday September 10th 7 of us showed up at Pacific from 8:00-10:00 for our monthly metal detecting. It has been awhile since we have hunted Pacific Beach and Mission Beach as I was leaving these areas to Frank for his end of the month hunts, but now that he has retired, I have put them back into the rotation. There were several very unusual happenings, first, an immigrant panga landed on the beach north of Crystal pier just before we hunted. 20 people were inside and 10 were detained by officials and the boat was towed away by Boat US. From Del Mar down to OB there is a landing almost every day lately at a different beach. Second, it was “Ring” day, everyone scored a ring and Tucker Beatty scored 3, without a metal detector no less. He spotted them together on top of the sand while doing scooping duty for his Mom.

The tally was:

Tucker Beatty 4 targets 3 gold rings, 1 earring

Troy Beatty 10 coins $0.40 1 ring

Marie Beatty 3 coins $0.40 13 tent pegs, eyelash curler, science pin

Neil Weber 1 charm

Eric Ferdman 3 coins $0.27 necklace

Richard Gordon 1 men’s large gold ring

Jerryk 3 coins $.27, 1 ring, earring