PLP Challenge Card

The PLP – Public Lands for the People have provided helpful guidelines for you to follow in the event you are challenged in your outdoor activities by a representative of a governmental agency or public servant.

First and foremost, remember to always be courteous and polite then follow these simple guidelines:

  • It is wise to politely ask if you are breaking any law. If you are informed that you are breaking the law, then ask for an explanation of the law and any municipal code that may pertain to the law.
  • You should do as the governmental representative asks you, then ask for their name, badge number, position, and the agency and district they represent. Record this information along with the Date, time, and location of the area where you are located.
  • If you do have a pleasant response from any of the representatives, such as being informative, cooperative, or helpful, be sure to get their info and pass it along to the PLP. They like to hear about positive encounters too.
  • Give this information to your local PLP office or representative and they will advise you of the appropriate procedure to follow.

Here is a form that you can print out and carry with you while you are out exploring.

PLP Challenge Card

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