Membership Policy

Membership to Treasure Seekers of San Diego is free.  We do not charge an annual due.  All that is asked is that you attend meetings, participate and support the group through its opportunity drawings and events.  To maintain membership, you MUST attend one meeting every quarter.

Here is the process:

  • First Meeting: Complete and turn in a membership application.
  • Second Meeting: You will be given your TSSD membership card.
  • Third Meeting: You will be able to purchase a TSSD Claims Guide with proof of your membership card.

Attendance Year:

Treasure Seekers of San Diego has an unusual attendance year.  We were founded in May and our elections are held in April.  Thus our yearly attendance requirement runs from May to April.  You are required to attend a meeting every three (3) months in order to maintain your membership status.

Chapter Support

Treasure Seekers of San Diego County is an All Volunteer, Non-Profit organization and we rely 100% on you, our members, to keep things going. We don’t charge dues, there is no cost to borrow prospecting equipment, outings are free,  prospecting our claims is free, there is no cost to checkout items from our library, and the education and companionship are priceless and free.

All of the work to maintain the claims, provide prospecting equipment to borrow and a place to store it, deal with federal/state/local bureaucracy, pay any taxes and file annual returns, provide maps & guides, provide a great place to meet, maintain the library, website, & newsletter and so much more is provided by our All Volunteer organization.

But your club still has regular expenses to keep things running: rent to pay, many of our claims have annual fees, equipment to buy/maintain, storage fees, website fees, raffle costs for gold & various prizes, printing fees and numerous other monthly costs.

We sell a few quality items and offer raffle tickets for some really good prizes and that is really the only source of our income.

So how can you support your club?

  • Participate!
  • Buy some raffle tickets… guaranteed winners at every meeting!
  • Volunteer your time!

Thanks for being part of such an extraordinary organization.