Equipment Resources

Treasure Seekers has a storage unit at Diablo Mini Storage in Escondido where we store a variety of equipment that you, as a club member, can checkout and try. The idea is to allow you the opportunity to try different types of equipment prior to buying your own unit. There’s nothing worse than dropping $200 to $300 on a piece of equipment only to find out you really liked something else better. What we don’t want you to do is checkout gear each time you are heading out into the bush.


  • 2 Sluice Boxes – 3 feet long
  • 1 Sluice Box – 4 feet long
  • 1 LeTrap Sluice
  • 1 Angus McKirk Sluice
  • 1 Mini Recirculating 9 inch Sluice with pump and motor and tub.
  • 1 Mini Recirculating Sluice with pump and motor (no tub)
  • 1 Highbanker with motor and pump
  • 1 Small Dry Washer (no leaf blower)
  • 1 Large Dry Washer (Keene 151 with leaf blower)
  • 1 Magnetic Sweeper on rollers
  • 1 Au-nique Vac

Our expectations are simple: anything checked out should be returned in the same or better condition than when it was borrowed. It’s understandable, with the nature of our hobby, that the equipment will get some bumps and bruises; which is acceptable. However, if parts are lost or broken, it is the responsibility of the “borrower” to repair or replace them.

For example, if a motor is on its last leg, you are using it and it poops out, we understand that it’s not your fault and we don’t expect you to replace it. On the other hand, if you have been using the motor for an extended period of time, forget to check if oil is needed and the motor burns up that would be a different story.

The equipment is there for all of our members to use, so take good care of the gear so others can enjoy them too.

Earl Sterrett is the Equipment Manager. If you are interested in borrowing some of “our equipment”, please contact Earl by phone or email (see the About Us page for his contact info). Please be courteous and give him a couple of days notice prior to when you might need something.

Items must be returned by the next club meeting after you checked out the equipment, so if you time this right, you will have ample time (up to a month) to really get to know the gear. We also ask that all equipment is returned CLEAN and ready for the next member to use.