President’s Message

President’s Message Sept 28, 2021

Welcome to Restart October Everyone;

I have just returned from “Missing in Action” status as I perceived enough of a break in the pesky Virus’ numbers to take a trip back to the East Coast to visit family I haven’t been able to see for a year and half. I didn’t encounter any “Karens” and everything went smooth and easy. If others are in the same boat, the largest crowds I experienced were right here at Lindbergh Field and I didn’t feel threatened at all during the trip as the mask protocols were the same in New York and South Carolina as here in San Diego. And speaking of “Missing in Action”, I had the pleasure of seeing our very own John Howe, who moved to Charleston, and asked me to pass along a hearty “HEY-YA’LL” to everyone. If you know our history, we were in the habit of sampling various breweries in the San Diego area and picked up where we left off with the final count of 4 breweries, 1 distillery, and a lunch at Lewis’ for southern bar-b-que. Yummy to say the least.
Now for the good news…IT IS RESTART OCTOBER!!! Same time, Same day, BUT NEW LOCATION!
Wed Oct. 6th at 6:30pm We FINALLY have a meeting. As we showed you in the last newsletter the maps and location. The ESCONDIDO COLUMBUS CLUB 515 West Valley Parkway. Primarily we have a lot of business to catch up on to get back operating under our Bylaws. It will be great to see everyone. No speaker, but the raffles will be back.
Activities this monthg include: Metal Detecting at Ocean Beach on Sunday the 10th 8:00-10:00am, a trip to the Freedom Claim on the weekend of the 23rd so as not to get in the way of those who want to attend AMRA’s Octoberfest on the 15-17 at the Slash X Cafe in Barstow, which is also back. I attended 2 years ago, before covid, with a number of our members and we all had a great time and were able to sample some new claims and also participate in a fun seeded hunt with great prizes. AMRA is one of the few organizations fighting to keep our right to mine and prospect in the BLM open spaces.
I need to check with Frank Trutta about the end of the month metal detecting.
SPMA has restarted their meetings at the North Clairemont Rec Center, TVP has a new meeting place at the Lake Elsinore Community Center, and Hemet is operating again. It appears all of the Socal Associations and claims are healthy and in full operation again.
That’s About It For This Month,

Continue to call or e-mail me for the latest information. I will post any changes here as well.