President’s Msg

I want to take a minute to recognize our Veterans on this Veterans Day Weekend especially in light of the turbulent times, where there are wars and unrest all around the world. Due to your service our country is stable and secure, and our constitutional rights remain strong and in force.
Thank you ALL for your service.

Hello Everyone;
November is here, Thanksgiving, Turkey, friends, more nice desert weather, and our last outing of the year to the Freedom Claim.
Last month was the busiest month for events in a year, and I was able to make all but the AMRA outing. The weather was great for the entire month with the deserts perfect. I was at the PLP outing, all of the association meetings, our Barstow outing led by Jeannie, which was very well attended, Special Thanks for both the trip and the presentation leading into it. I had a great time and am already looking forward to a return to the area as there are dozens of sites to visit for mineral collecting and historical exploring. One could literally spend a week out there between the mines, Mormon Road, Mojave Road, Inscription Canyon, intaglios, Coolgardie, campsites along the Mojave Road, Afton Canyon, jasp/agate sites, and so on and so forth, a truly great area that we barely scratched the surface on. It was also great to get everyone from all 3 associations together in the same place, as we are mostly all cross members anyway. I plan on more trips of this nature in the future to different areas.
This month
Metal detecting in Coronado on the 5th 8:00 to 10:00
Drywashing trip to Freedom Claim the weekend of the 18th-19th
Enjoy your family get togethers and the turkey on the 23rd, except for Michele with 1 L who does Italian like my sister Jeanne Rene. Happy Thanksgiving!
Save the date
Dec 17th for the association Christmas Party at the Knights of Columbus Hall 4:30 to 8:30. We will be having the Exchange Game again this year. The Association will be providing the turkey, ham, and main fixings, the members the side dishes and desserts.
Remember to sign the petition for both the Joshua Tree Expansion and the creation of the Chuckwalla National Monument (opposition until mining, mineral collecting, and four wheeling issues are addressed)
We could lose all of the claims in the Eagle Mining District, Hauser Geode Beds, Red Cloud Mine, Opal Hill Mine, and access to the Bradshaw Road.
Congressman Raul Ruiz
That’s about all I can think of at the moment. See the other articles for larger descriptions of the October events.