TSS May 2015 Chapter Meeting

Treasure Seekers of San Diego (TSS) will hold their monthly chapter meeting on Wednesday, May 6th at the Joslyn Senior Center located at 210 Park Ave., Escondido CA 92025. The doors open at 6:00 pm.    Click Here for a Map.

Main Points of Discussion

Guest Speaker: Sam Radding: He is the author of two books on how to build your own prospecting tools.

Sam Radding's Book of PlansVolume 1: If you are handy with your hands or know someone who is then you can save hundreds or even thousands by building your own mining equipment. This Volume will show you how to construct several types of Drywashers, Rocker Boxes, Concentrator, sluice and converyor belt. Plan 1 – Port a Sluice Plan 2 – Rocker Box Plan 3 – Small Rocker Plan 4 – Wooden Concentrator Plan 4 – Rocker Concentrator Plan 5 – Aluminum Concentrator Plan 6 – Bellows Drywasher Plan 7 – Conveyor Belt


Sam Radding's Book of PlansVolume 2: How to build Drywashers, View Scopes, Suction Sticks, Sniping Tools, Gold Screens and more If you are handy then you can save hundreds or even thousands by constructing you own mining equipment. Volume II includes plans for Drywashers, View Scopes, Suction Sticks, Gold screens etc. 88 pages with detailed instructions. Includes: View Scopes Sniping Tools Snuffer Bulb Crack Hook Fanning Board Suction Stick Vibrobasic Drywasher Mini – Magic Drywasher Gold Classifying Screens


Finds of the Month: Bring in your Finds of the Month. This is what you have ‘found’ during the last month and falls into three categories.

  • Gems and Minerals
  • Gold
  • Metal Detecting

Show off what you have done in the last month and there is a prize for the winner of each category.

Items available for purchase at the meeting:

  • TSS Claim Guides – $20.00 per guide with proof of your TSS membership card.
  • TSS Dowsing Rods – $25.00 per set.
  • TSS Bags of Gold Pay Dirt
    • 4 Sizes To Choose From
      • $10, $25, $50, & $100

Monthly Opportunity Drawings at the meeting:

  • Door Prize Drawing (Free ticket for coming)
  • 50/50 Drawing ($1.00 per ticket)
  • Gold Nugget Drawing ($1.00 per ticket)
  • Table Drawing ($1.00 per ticket)

Quarterly Grand Prize Drawing (June 2015 Meeting):

Gold Cube

Gold Cube


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