Presidents Message: May 2013

Lucerne Dry Lake was OK and there was one good find. An old casino token from a casino closed years ago.
There was also a lot of hobby rocket motor debris. We did go out to the campground in Warner Springs. That’s a
great place to metal detect because it is reported that the campground existed back […]

Presidents Message: April 2013

We had two outings this month. One at the Lucerne Dry Lake Beds and one at the Potholes. There
were signups for both events. At both events, you could look for meteorites and old relics and at the
Potholes you had the opportunity to detect or drywash for gold.
This month, we have the GPAA Gold Show in […]

Presidents Message: March 2013

Busy month again. As of right now, some of us are meeting with board members of a Vista organization
to close a deal on having some of our events at their events. Some of us also scouted out a potential
new claim within an hour and a half drive. Some of us are also planning on the […]