Presidents Message: July 2015

And the news just keeps rolling in. We had an event at the Bates Nut Farm the first weekend in June. It went very good. All those TSS members who had extra prospecting gear or any other items they wanted to get rid of had the chance to sell them at the Valley Center Yard […]

Presidents Message: June 2015

We set up the display at the California Center for the Arts this past month. It went well. Didn’t stay to see how many visitors liked it but it looked great to me. There were a lot of vendors selling all kinds of gems and minerals too. Our display showed a lot about our organization. […]

Presidents Message: April 2015

Lots of things been happenin’, lots of things goin’ on, and lots of things commin’ up….
What’s been happinin’? American Mining Rights Association is hosting the GPAA gold show in Vegas. Good group and glad to read that GPAA is giving the project to them. They are another group that needs our support. They are doing […]

Presidents Message: June 2014

Well, we had to cancel our May outing to the Freedom or Smokin’ claims. It was a bit hot but the most troublesome was the gusty winds of up to 40 mph. No use getting your autos san blasted or blowing spark embers into your tents. We’ve seen that before. Tents have broken their supports […]