Presidents Message: June 2015

We set up the display at the California Center for the Arts this past month. It went well. Didn’t stay to see how many visitors liked it but it looked great to me. There were a lot of vendors selling all kinds of gems and minerals too. Our display showed a lot about our organization. […]

Presidents Message: April 2015

Lots of things been happenin’, lots of things goin’ on, and lots of things commin’ up….
What’s been happinin’? American Mining Rights Association is hosting the GPAA gold show in Vegas. Good group and glad to read that GPAA is giving the project to them. They are another group that needs our support. They are doing […]

Presidents Message: October 2014

Members going all over the place this past month. Some up on the East Fork, some at the beaches, some at Lytle Creek and some at the Stewart Mine. The Treasure Seekers are a great bunch of members enjoying the camaraderie of each other and doing their part in teaching us all how to metal […]

Presidents Message: September 2014

We had a great turnout at our beach coin hunt this past month. It was put together on the fly and it worked out perfectly. Thank you Jerry G. and John H. for setting it all up and making it a great success at such short notice. We had this large hunt area with 20-25 […]

Presidents Message: September 2013

The hearing for the motion for a preliminary injunction on dredging was held August 27, 28. Judge Gilbert Ochoa, has denied the preliminary injunction. He found that the miners did not have irreparable harm. It was also mentioned in the articles from the PLP and ICMJ that most of those who showed up at the […]

Presidents Message: October 2012

Still no new word on the court battle about dredging. This is beginning to worry me some. I also heard
some rumors of land closing up in the Virginia Dale area. We have three claims up in there. There is a
movement to enclose much more area into the Joshua Tree National Park. The 29 Palms City […]