Presidents Message: March 2012

March, 2012 Editor: Michael Michalski
I got the word that our membership went from 349 in November to 379 as of this message. I know Loren will be happy to know this because he has already recommended that we split our general meeting in two. One half of membership meeting on one night and the other half on another night. What he is trying to say is that we are getting extremely large. Our last
meeting we had 139 in attendance. We are set up for 120 and that takes up a large space.
Jerry, Robert, Ray and I went to the GPAA Rendezvous in Arizona. We had a lot of fun and met some really great people from GPAA Chapters all over the U.S. There were equipment demonstrations and speakers from various organizations including the PLP. There were also venders for many types of gold prospecting equipment and those who were selling gold for chapter and individual use. We split apart, did some skits and got to know some really great people. While Ray did the networking in the evening, Robert, Jerry and I got to know the local townsfolk in the old towns of Arizona. Dakota Fred, from the TV series Gold Rush was there to share stories of the series. We got pictures and autographs.
At the end of the week, the chapter representatives got to share with each other what goes on in our meetings. Ray and I got up and wowed the other chapters. We talked about the general meetings and the great speakers we have. We talked about our community events and school programs. We showed them our Claims Guide and discussed our claims requirements and how they are similar to the GPAA requirements We shared our membership population and meeting attendance. We showed them our coloring book we give to the kids at our shows (chapter members took pictures to show to their members).
Ray did a great job in the dowsing rod demonstration; we sold close to 30 sets to members of other chapters. We are already planning next year’s trip.
David Rice did such a great job on the ‘Painted Gorge’ trip that it attracted members of the Palomar Gem and Mineral Club.
They had nothing but compliments on the event. They even asked if we would set up a display for their event at the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum in Vista ( We said, “Yes.” The event is on the 24th and 25 of this month at 2040 N. Santa Fe Ave. in Vista. We will also have our own booth there next month, April 14 and 15. We will have gold
panning, metal detecting and dowsing rod demonstrations.
This month, we are going to the Lucerne Dry Lake for a meteorite hunt. And, thank you Charlene for putting us on to this site. Between her and Lee, they have supplied us with a great set of instructions and directions. This should be quite a trip and much closer that Franconia. This will be on March 17 and 18. I guess we can do the whole weekend or do just a day trip since it is only two and a half hours from Escondido.
There was a great write-up in a local magazine Escondido City (copies available at the meeting, local library and Chamber of Commerce). It is about Frank Trutta, a founding member of TSS, titled Escondido Treasure Hunter, Its The Thrill of the Hunt. It tells his treasure hunting stories and about his metal detecting and gold prospecting store. Even our Vice
President, Dwight Reed is featured. He told many stories of his experiences metal detecting. They have an awesome drawing of our TSS Logo on the first of a two page article. You gotta read it and the only copies I have will be at our next meeting.
Well, more things, new happenings, interesting information, different and changing programs going on within the Treasure Seekers of San Diego County. If you miss a meeting, you may not ever see it again because we are constantly trying to give you something new. So having said that, see you at the meeting. -Sourdough Chet


Presidents Message: March 2012 — 7 Comments

  1. Well, I’m wondering if anyone went out to Lucerne Dry Lake and if they did, how was the weather out there? If no one went, will the trip be rescheduled for another weekend? We were looking forward to it but the weather kept us away.

    • I feel that this place should replace our outing to Franconia looking for meteorites and we will talk about rescheduling at our next meetings.

  2. splitting up the meeting is not the answer. You cannot duplicate Monday’s meeting on Tuesday. People are attending because of the quality of the meeting and outings. If we need a bigger hall, lets find a bigger hall. Dont spoil what is working.

  3. When you split up a group you will naturally inherit new and unforeseen problems. We have a great group now do not split it up.

    Mike V

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