Presidents Message: October 2015

The Himalaya Dig!!! Well, we did it. Some got some great specimens and some got a few specimens… We did have a large crowd. The event wasn’t as great as it was said to be. Maybe I wasn’t trying hard enough. Anyway, we did it and we will look for other places to dig for precious stones. Maybe there is someone in our group that can come up with some suggestions.

The GPAA/LDMA folks are having an outing in the Dusienburg area soon. I would like to go just to make sure all their folks remain on the LDMA claims out there. And the Sleepy Bear Octoberfest is going from October 9 through October 12. Then we have our TSSD outing to the Little Bit claim on the weekend of October 17. We really need to get out there just to see, with all the traffic, if there is any “Little Bit” left of our claims… SPMA has also acquired some new area out in the Red Mountain area so us SPMA members also have some new areas to dig in. Also Johanesburg Jordan has invited us to come join him to sample some of his grounds.

We have only one GPAA Membership with the kit left for that lower price for the TSSD members left. After that, expect to pay the full price for GPAA membership. We also have those three gallon food grade buckets. You don’t need to just fill with dirt. Fill them with biscuits and gravy then store it for the winter. Or chili or even spaghetti.

Before you know it, the Julian Rendezvous will be here too. That’s something you won’t want to miss. Gold panning contest with prizes. Metal detecting contest with prizes. And also a relic hunt on some property that was once inhabited by the old Julian miners and prospectors. The Julian Mine Company also has a store filled with unbelievably old items for sale too.

So, now that the weather MAY!!! Be cooling down, let’s get out there and do some prospecting. Let’s get out in that desert and breath some good air but wear your dust masks while drywashing. Let’s watch those desert sunrises and sunsets. Let’s have those bonfires where we circle around and tell those stories of the big nuggets and gemstones. Let’s get to know one another again and again…. See you at the meetings, events and the digs.

Sourdough Chet

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