President’s Message: March 2018

Greetings Everyone,

Welcome to spring. The year started warm and sunny until we decided to start our outings and then it seemed we had a storm-a-week every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for six straight weeks. I must admit that I wimped out on the Freedom outing as once again it was predicted to be cold, damp, and windy. We should have seen our last storm for the season and the deserts are good now until it gets too hot at the end of May.

This month we are off to the Hall of Fame claim which is potentially our best gold and nugget yielding property. The road through Joshua Tree is paved. The Old Dale Road is graded dirt, however, the last two miles on the Brooklyn Mine Road to our area can be rough. High clearance vehicles are recommended. This is also a great area for metal detecting and I have personally watched a nice nugget find made right by where we park our cars. If you bring your metal detectors please travel through Joshua Tree National Park with the batteries removed from the unit as the Rangers will confiscate your machine otherwise. There were two adits when I first went out there and one has collapsed. The upper tunnel supposedly yielded $30,000 dollars when it was first opened up.

We had nice turnouts at the local beach hunts and the one on the 25th yielded a very large 14k man’s gold ring in the Pacific Beach area in the dry sand south of South Draft.

Hope to see you in the field.

Your Prez,
Jerry Kaplan

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