Presidents Message: November 2015

The big happening this month is the Julian Rendezvous on Veterans Day, November 11. Over 60 have signed up already. Big prizes for the gold panning contest. Big prizes for the metal detecting contest and those who participate in the metal detecting contest are eligible to do the relic hunt afterwards. Three or four clubs are attending. Lots of camaraderie between clubs. Plus, the Julian Mine Company will be open just for us to enjoy.

Many of us went to the outing in the Randsburg area this past month. I didn’t get the chance to go, so I will have to wait and hear the stories at the meeting. There were many prospectors out in the Duisenburg area at the same time. There was the Sleepy Bear Octoberfest and also a LDMA/Duisenburg outing. Hopefully, everyone was where they were supposed to be…

We only have the one GPAA membership kit left. If you want the single membership, let me know. Only $70.00.

Something new has come up. An event close by at the Lakeside Rodeo Grounds. Saturday and Sunday, December 5th and 6th. The El Cajon Gem and Mineral Society asked us if we wanted to participate and set up a booth. There’s a lot we could do but like always, it takes volunteers. I’m going to throw it out to the members and let them decide. The gem society is offering us booth space for half the price of only $40.00 for local clubs. Let me know if you want to volunteer. Anyway, if you just want to go see what they have, you have the dates.

Cargos are scheduled for the November third weekend. Some will be there and some may be at the Potholes outing put on by the SPMA organization. And then we have the December Christmas dinner scheduled for the first part of December. Sign up and show up. We still have too many signing up and then we buy the food and they don’t show up. I hope there are signup sheets for all these events.

I believe I have covered it all here. I think there were many other metal detecting hunts at the beaches and parks. We’ll save those stories for the meetings. I know I have been enjoying many park hunts. Found enough for maybe two gallons of gas and also some trinkets and rings. Jerry and I went beach metal detecting. I found the keys to a rental car. We drove thru the parking lot while I pushed the alarm button. We found that the car was still there and we went looking for a potential looser. We found them and we chalked it down to our good deed for the day. That’s it for now. Keep your thoughts and actions golden and karma may take care of the rest.

Sourdough Chet

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