President’s Message: May 2016

The elections are now over and Jerry and I were reelected to our positions.  We thank you for your support.  There are a number of events that we will be doing this year that will take the place in lieu of the gold shows that other organizations like to do.  And, I expect you to volunteer to help us.  When you come join this organization, it’s not just the fun of hanging out at the meetings.  I know we have great speakers and table drawings.  We have fun outings and the camaraderie is great.  Volunteering to help keeps this organization fresh and full of new ideas and new helpers.  We have fun events, and they are educational events which were used to receive our non-profit status.  So when you are asked to help, I expect you to step up to the plate.

One that is coming up this month is the Vista Strawberry Festival.  This event will take place on Sunday May 29.  We will be billed as an educational event where we will be teaching kids how to pan for gold and metal detect.  We will also be selling prospecting equipment and crafts that our members, who volunteer to help, wish to sell.  I believe we will set up the day prior to the event.

I had plans of going out to the Vista Gas and Steam Engine Gem event.  We would have set up for metal detecting and gold panning for the kids but it managed to rain again.  Their wet, thick gray mud isn’t much fun to walk or hunt in…

There is still a lot going on with these mining districts and district bylaws issue.  Joe Moratori of Sleepy Bear Mining has been traveling frequently to D.C. and is lobbying lawmakers on a bill for congress.  I am hearing that this bill will be piggy-backed on the National Defense Act.  Evidently, a lot of this information is in our California Mining Journal.

Our outing this month, of course, will be mentioned in our Newsletter and it will be a one day metal detecting outing at Lucerne Dry Lake.  Possibility of some meteorites and who knows, maybe some old relics.  I know one old relic who wants to go…

We have a very interesting speaker this month and I’m sure Charlene and/or John will break the news so I won’t steal their thunder.  Hope everyone is well and having fun looking for that gold or interesting finds in gemstones or other earth treasures.

Sourdough Chet

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