President’s Message: March 2016

If we haven’t been out metal detecting at the beaches around that old sunken ship or other areas where there may be some new sand washing up, we have been out at the claims metal detecting for old relics buried long, long ago. I hope the new members are able to hook up with our seasoned members to enjoy this sport. If not, please let me know so we can all enjoy this sport and get to know one another. That’s very important to me. To me, camaraderie is just as important as the hunt.

The GPAA gold show was the same weekend as our monthly event at the Buck Canyon claims. Now there was a hunt I really wanted to go on. My knee said no way. If you searched Google earth around that area, there are quite a few interesting hunt areas located at these Buck Canyon claims. If you have some interesting areas to search or drive into, it is good to use the Google earth web site to start and look into. Klaus led the members out to the Buck Canyon claims and I know he did well in showing our members how and where to search the area for the gold on the claim. Word is that the gold show went well. There is another chapter and the funds are divided accordingly but since we weren’t there, the chapters made a sum equal to last year’s.

Jerry and I went to the GPAA office to meet the new GPAA Chapter Representative and to speak to him about our points we are given when new and old members sign up or renew their GPAA membership. Seems like a never ending problem. We never got it resolved with the other chapter representatives. That’s one of those things that make points so meaningless. Our points are used to purchase, from GPAA, some of those great quarterly prizes we use to help us with our venue and storage fees.

We are working on some local events similar to the gold shows and I really want to see some volunteers out there to help. We’ll be able to make some funds for our organization without the volunteers having to travel all over and spend their personal funds on gas and hotel fees. We can drum up new members and sell some of our wares. We will also be able to put on those events where we show the kids how to pan and metal detect.
Our next outing is out at the Hauser Geode Beds. The geodes are still out there, you just have to search a little harder and dig a little deeper. This is supposed to be a two day outing and you know that there are no facilities out there. Plan on bringing everything in and taking all your stuff out. Bring some geodes home too.

Well, that’s it for now. Be good to one another and your pan and finds will surely be great.

Sourdough Chet

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