Presidents Message: March 2014

So many things to remember and so many things I may forget to say here. First, let’s start with the Freedom Claim outing. Randy Oyler was our Wagonmaster out there. Maybe we don’t call them Wagonmasters anymore, but he did such a great job, I’m glad to say he was our Wagonmaster. Got some great calls and emails that he did a great job and everyone found gold and learned how to find it. He gets the thanks from everyone who attended the outing.

Lee Crnkovic passed on Friday the 21st at 9:15 AM. He and Sharon were able to see the check we gave of $840.25 before his passing. They were very grateful and sent us a thank you card. For Lee, there will be a service held at the Emmanuel Faith Church in Escondido at 629 E. 17th Ave. Saturday, March 8 at 10:00 am with a reception and light refreshments after.

Many of you have read about the more than $10 million in gold coins found on a couple’s property this past month. 1,427 coins dated 1847 to 1894. I believe they were not even looking for anything in particular. Just found a can sticking out of the ground. The pair wish to remain anonymous to keep those with metal detectors away from their property.

Also some good press in the news about the Temecula Valley Prospectors on how the drought is making gold prospecting easier. The streams may be dry, but that only makes it easier to get out in the middle of the stream beds, dig under the boulders. We went out to the GPAA Bautista claim and did just that. Some promising pieces were found by the TVP. While typing up this message, I got a phone message of another newspaper writer that they may be interested in doing an article on our  experiences at gold prospecting. Gary Warth did a large article while camping on the Friendly Fox claim in the Cargos.

We went to the Julian Mining Company in Julian to see about having an event with them. They liked us so much that they want us to be a part of the Julian Gold Rush Days and any other event they might put on. We made such a great impression; they contacted the GPAA and let them know that they wish us to represent us, the TSS, as well as the GPAA. So the TSS will have a free booth there on the 31st of May and 1st of June. There will be a sign up at our next couple of meetings. We will have a booth like at the Bates Nut Farm with free events for the kids. They also have some interesting events that I know they will share with us. Ray is helping set us up for the Vista Strawberry festival the weekend before the Julian event. I need to get busy to see if we can also set up for that one too.

We also have the elections coming up in April. We will have the nominating committee set up to look for some new members taking over the positions of Treasurer and President. I know I can’t stay in this position forever and I know you must know someone who may want to step in and do a great job. And there are those who like to handle the treasurer position of this organization.

Temecula Valley Prospectors are going to be with us at the Hauser Geode Beds this month. No use telling you that this outing will be the third weekend of the month. We also have some great speakers lined up for the next few months. Everything is going good for the organization and everything is going great for the president. I know I haven’t mentioned everything here. If I have forgotten anything here, please let me know. See you at the meetings.

Sourdough Chet

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