President’s Message: February 2016

I understand that we did have a few members go out to the Friendly Fox outing. Members did find some gold flakes. I always liked to take kids out to the old horseshoe cave next to our claim. I would tell them the story about some lost miners in the cave and that you could still hear them in the cave. Interesting cave that no one has trashed yet. If you are able to four-wheel out there, you can find many other mines and you wonder how they got all the lumber out there to shore up and build ladders to the deep vertical drops.

We have the GPAA Gold Show coming up on the 20th and 21st. It’s not too late to get together a bunch of members to volunteer to help GPAA set up and to help run the show. We would also need volunteers for Friday to set up all booth spaces. It takes at least 10 volunteers per club for each day, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We could average around 1,500.00 per club. There is six clubs participating. Also, an indeterminate amount of points from the GPAA to spend on prospecting items for our club. It’s at the Pomona Fairgrounds and would take some commuting. Let us know and please sign the sign-up sheet. You can sign up for any of the three days, but we need at least ten per day and don’t sign up unless you can positively make the commitment.

Also that same weekend, on that Sunday, we are going to the shared with SPMA club members, the Buck Canyon and Buck Canyon 2 claims in the Ranchita area. The claim area contains stream beds, tailing piles and some natural springs with marshy areas. There used to be some old building sites and you may find some old buried trash and building areas. The Montezuma Mine is out there. Most of the mining was hard rock mining with very little placer mining. The start of the public land is rough and needs a high clearance or 4X4 vehicle. Just a bit after passing the rough spot, you can spot the tailing piles of the old Montezuma mine. There are other mine shafts to be careful of. Klaus goes out here frequently and may be talked into being our wagon master. Good place for relic metal detecting too.

On Sunday the 28th, Jim and Sue Jeffrey are going to put on a metal detecting hunt at an old school house area and there is 121 acres to hunt in. There will also be a hotdog lunch. You will have to meet at their store in Temecula at 8:15 am and then caravan to the spot. Great hunting area and no telling what you will dig up. I know we all will meet up with others who like to metal detect and those from other clubs as well.

We also have some local Gold-Show-Like events scheduled this year, including an elementary school or two. The Show-Like events can be done with little or no expense to the volunteers. We can have Show-Like fun and make some funds for our club. I do want to see some of our new members volunteer to help us. Not just the old-timers who seem to do these events every year. May your heart and pan shine with gold.

Sourdough Chet

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