Presidents Message: December 2015

Here it is December. Where did this year go? What did we do this year???

Well, in January, David Rice gave a presentation on the Plaster City trip. Don Starr gave a presentation of a trammel he built for less than $40.00. We also had a field trip to the Hall of Fame claim. Jerry Hobbs had just passed away and I remember we had a moment of silence to honor him.

In Feb. we participated in the Pomona Gold Show. It was good. We shared in the take with four or five other chapters. Our guest speakers at the Feb. meeting were Ralph Lewis and Richard Decheck who both spoke on Kokoweef, the River of Gold.

In March, Betty and Tony Krutch Johnson spoke about their place up in Alaska and how it operates. Our outing was at the Indian Flats campground. Some went metal detecting in the campground and some went hunting for gems and any other exciting finds. We also heard about some other claims up in the Cajon Pass area that is open to GPAA members.

In April Walt Wegner, the new president of PLP was our guest speaker. He talked about many things the PLP was doing and about the passing of Jerry Hobbs. Our outing was at the Freedom claim. We talked about many of the upcoming events and about the election of our new TSSD officers.

In May, we introduced our newly elected officer panel and you know who they are. Sam Radding was our guest speaker and he always has a lot of various prospecting topics, whether it’s drywashing in the desert or sniping in the rivers and streams. We were also asked to put up a TSSD display at the California for the Arts. That went over great and we got a lot of positive comments from visitors to the Center. A number of us participated in re-staking some of our claims out in the Summit Range area.

In June, we were asked to put up a display and participate in the Julian Gold Rush at the Julian Mining Company. We offered ourselves up to give free gold panning and metal detecting events to the children who came to see. We also set up a booth at the Bates Nut Farm for their Valley Center yard sale. Our guest speaker was Lee Darling and his topic was about dowsing. We also had an outing at Bonita Cove. I believe Kalina won the woman’s gold panning contest. I won the men’s we had a pan-off where she won the big title.

Most important event in July is our annual picnic. We have a metal detecting contest and a gold panning contest too. Lots of fun and many showed up. Sometimes, I think the same members show up every year. We need something to bring out the new members.
July, our guest speakers were Jerry Goldstein and Robert Cook. They took us on adventure through Roaring Camp and what they did while there.

In August, our guest speaker was Earl Sterrett and he gave us some very interesting information on filing claims and how to look for claim information on the LR2000.

September, our guest speaker was Michele Silva, Kalina C. and Don Starr. Don talked about the MMAC and Kalina and Michele talked about having a show and tell from the members about their personal crafts and hobbies. Our outing was at the Himalaya Mines for some interesting gems. Some came away with some interesting finds and some came away with very little…

October finally came and the PLP Sleepy Bear Octoberfest event was here. We have been talking about it all year and finally we got to go. Many of our members were present.
Our outing was at the Little Bit claim, and our speakers were our members and their personal crafts and hobbies they work on. Different and very interesting. There is a lot of talent in our members.

November was the TSSD Rendezvous. Don and Linda Starr, Michele Silva, Jerry Goldstein and I put on a very great Rendezvous for five different prospecting clubs. We didn’t have the participation from members as we anticipated but it went over great. If anything, we learned a lot for any future events such as this. Thank you Don and Linda for helping me get this event started.

Our Christmas event is our last event for this year and I would like to see more of the new members there.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Sourdough Chet

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