Presidents Message: December 2014

The year is gone! What did we do? Where did we go?

Well for educational benefits, for our members, we did some scouting and elementary school events.  We took our members out to various claims and other places where we could learn about identifying numerous gems and minerals. We went on fossil hunts and learned more about earth’s history thousands of years ago. We even got to do some gold prospecting and plenty of metal detecting.

We even participated at some PLP events including the Sleepy Bear outing. There were two of those events this past year. We chartered a bus and went to the court hearing on dredging in Rancho Cucamonga. Oh! And how about those two events up in Julian. One of them was the Julian Gold Rush Days. And we went out to the Freedom, Hall of Fame and the Cargo areas.

Speaking about the Freedom claims. I went on a tour of our claim area and found out that our members, and those who may be poaching, need a refresher course on filling your holes after use and not to dig around desert plants. The fastest way for the BLM to focus on our wrong-doings is to dig around plants. There will be more discussion on this at the general meeting.

On the subject of Virginia West, TSS donated $750.02 in her name. I know, everyone was pulling every bill and coin out of their pockets and it will go for our member’s well fair.

The BLM and the federal government have been very busy along with the environmental groups. They are closing off more desert areas and national forests. They turn them into national forests and then close them off for any entry. Stay close to the PLP, American Mining Rights Association and the California Mining Journal for all the latest dirt. We try to get into the mix as much as we can.

You have seen and got a copy of our 2015 schedule of events. There’s plenty of room on the calendar for deletions and additions. We are always thinking of new places to go and new subjects to speak on.
If you don’t know when or where the Christmas party is and what it’s all about, then you must not be coming to the meetings. See you all at the party.

Sourdough Chet

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