Presidents Message: December 2013

Here it is the last month of the year already. This is the month of our Christmas party. I know we
will get members to come to it. This year remember; don’t sign up unless you are positive you will
show up. Even on this event, we get those who don’t show up. We buy the meats and other items
and in some years, we have plenty of leftovers. It’s Sunday, December 8 at 4:00 PM and is at the
Madrid Manor. Bring your $15.00 – $20.00 gift for the gift exchange. Bring a side dish. Let’s see
those new members show up.

Our November outing was at the Cargo Claims. Rumor was that not a whole lot of members made it
out there. I went to another “associations” meeting and they are now holding outings once every
three months and focusing mainly on the new members. Maybe we should think on that idea. I
gave the Temecula Chapter a copy of our next year’s outings and told them that we would like to have
some joint outings with them.

I read an article of an event in Utah. A 72 year old man discovered a cavern in the mountains that is
an old Spanish mine. The mine was established in 1650. The mine was abandoned in 1680 during
the Pueblo Indian Revolution and never found again. This person was able to file a claim on this
area. He was mining some crystal minerals and looking for any lost or hidden gold. There is a group
of U. S. Forest Service officials that are fighting his right to mine this area. The Forest Service officials
had said that treasure hunters are destroying natural caverns by chasing fairy tales. Maybe that is the
reasoning that Forest Service officials close down public lands all over the U. S. Ya think…..
Another article I read was about environmental groups are rushing out to grab a share of the millions
allocated to clean up mercury left over from the gold rush days. This was published in the November
issue of the Western Mining Alliance. A $280,000.00 study at U.C. Santa Barbara found out that
floods cause erosion and redistribute gravel releasing small amounts of mercury to travel the
watershed. They banned dredging but now they are studying floods for $280,000.00. Environmental
groups are seeking taxpayer funds to continue studying the mercury in the gravels. They say that this
is evidence even more money is needed to go into the study and cleanup of this mercury from the
California gold rush days. It sounds evident that these groups want to use tax funds to find a method
of dredging the mercury from the gravel and streams. The article goes on and is a very interesting

We will be starting off the New Year with a David Rice trip out into the desert to look for gems and
minerals. I know there will be some fossil hunting thrown in too. David will also be our speaker as
well. He never ceases to amaze me on his knowledge of desert geology.
Well that’s it for now. Let’s see some new members at the Christmas party this year.

Sourdough Chet

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