President’s Message: December 2011

We had the best Thanksgiving outing ever. There was well over 50 members including those from the Imperial Valley Prospector group. We all got to prospect, metal detect and explore on the five 160 acre claims. Off and on throughout out the week, we conducted tours to all of the claims. We had many positive comments on the outing and on our meetings.

Thanks to Earl and his volunteers, they were able to post the paper documents and plant most of the corner markers. Thanks to many of our members familiar with the area, we were able to lead groups to the claims. Thanks to many of our members, we were able to share prospecting equipment and help others set up their own items. Thanks to many of our members who helped prepare and set up our wonderful potluck dinner.

The weather was perfect, day and night. When we were not kicking back and sharing stories, we were out individually trying our luck in finding those gold locations, hiking, metal detecting, walking our dogs, or exploring old mine locations. This is a new training location for us, and we can come here for many years. All in all, I believe it was the best outing we have had for years.

Like I have previously said, we are planning our next years outings and if you know of some place we should include, please let us know. These are educational events and we want to cover as much as we can. While we do a lot of prospecting and mineral identification, we want to cover a lot in metal

Went to a last minute BLM Resource Management meeting. Anytime a government entity says that they are going to enhance my quality of life on my public lands, I get nervous and want to hear what they are up to. In short, the BLM is working on “management plans” to change how they will manage plots of BLM lands from Palmdale, down to the Mexican border. The claims they are sticking with is that they have been working on this for some time and as of August, they have been looking for input from concerned citizens. We have a 90 day input time and it is up on December 21. Wow!, where have we been and why do we seem to have just found out about this?

These management plans cover four different “Alternatives” (A, B, C, D). some good for some citizens and bad for others. Open up some areas while closing or restricting other areas. A “for instance” is while keep open some mining areas, it will restrict some access to these areas. While opening grazing, you will not have roads or paths. I may have made some distortion to the “Alternatives”, but wanted you to get the picture. It appears it is a lose-lose situation.

Where we may get to save some options, we will lose on others. When we asked when the final decision will be made, we were given the statement that they hope to be done in a year……

We will complete this year with our annual Christmas party. This will be at the Madrid Manor Mobil Home Park. December 10, from 2:00 on. Don’t forget the gift if you want to participate in the exchange. Gift price from $15 to $20.

Have a very merry Christmas you all and I hope Santa brings you the prospecting supplies, metal detecting machines and mineral identification items you have put on your wish list.

Sourdough Chet

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