Presidents Message: August 2012

I spent today at the GPAA office, with other volunteers, putting together DVD packets sent to GPAA
members. Here is some information I found out. When we volunteer, we make 13,000 points per
volunteer the whole day we work. We had three volunteers there. So today, we made 39,000 points.
A new item on the market is called a Gold Cube ( The three stacker costs
$390.00. GPAA offers one for 147,875 points. If we had three volunteers each time they ask, we could
earn enough points for the Treasure Seekers to own a Gold Cube in four volunteer trips. It would take
only three trips with four volunteers. We haven’t been making our “points” like we should, but we do
have a little over for a Gold Cube.

This past month, we had our annual picnic at Dixon Lake. That’s always a lot of fun. Ron, Sue and Ray
cook the best burgers and dogs. Jerry always does a great job of the metal detecting hunt and I, of
course, put on the best gold panning contest. We also had a prospecting equipment demonstration.
Big C demoed the motorized vac he built and I demoed some coin cleaning vibrating units, a mini gold
cube my friend Al Freeman built and also showed how to use a spiral wheel after Linda Durbin showed
me how to correctly connect the battery. Dwight Reed, Brian Kinnear and Kalina Catlagirone won in
the metal detecting Contest. Sharon Crnkovic, Dave Coolen and Alex Iqrell won in the gold panning

We have decided not to have an outing in August because of the heat and that a large number of our
members have scheduled other types of vacations with their family. We are scheduled to go to
Holcomb Valley in September. I was just talking to some Route 66 members and they are still finding
nuggets and pickers on the GPAA Gold Mountain claim. You can either dry camp with no fires, on the
Holcomb Gold claim or you can camp at the Holcomb Valley campground, pit toilets and fire pits.
Maybe, the pit fires will not be allowed because of fire danger. You can bring a motor home in there.
But anyway, camp in those spots and commute to Gold Mountain just a few minutes away.

We are gearing up to put on the best event ever at the Bates Nut Farm on September 29 – 30. This is
when they have their pumpkin patch or October Festival. They call it their Farm Education Days. Lots
of people, lots of fun. They are saying that “the Treasure Seekers are a welcome addition to this
educational event.” We are going to promote the GPAA at this event and GPAA is going to ante up
some items for gifts, prizes or for us to sell so that we can make funds to support our organization. We
will have dowsing rod demonstrations, free gold panning for the kids and metal detecting events. Don’t
forget the days and don’t forget to have fun volunteering.

I know there is more going on but you’ll just have to jog my memory at the meeting. See you there.

Sourdough Chet

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