PLP Action Request

This action alert has been posted by the PLP representatives Jerry Hobbs and Gary Golberg. There is a form to be filled out ant sent in on how you, the dredgers have been harmed by the dredging moratorium. Please go to the PLP website and fill out the form.
Chet Nowicki, President, Treasure Seekers of San Diego County.
Action Alert: PLP asks dredgers for information.
Public Lands for the People is calling on miners to help fight the battle to defeat the suction dredge mining ban in California.
“In order to compare the 1994 regulations with the new regulations on suction dredging, I need to know who has been harmed by the new regulations as far as dredging season changes, nozzle sizes, etcetera,” said PLP President Jerry Hobbs.
“For example, [if] you have a mining claim and you used to be able to dredge for three or four months or all year round, and now you can only dredge for 30 days or maybe not at all or if you own a mining claim on a river or stream that is closed all year round now, but wasn’t closed under the old regulations, we need to know,” he said.
Hobbs is also asking miners to email others in the prospecting and mining community to get the word out quickly.
“Please send this action alert out to your email list and tell your friends to contact me about it. This information we need as soon as possible and plenty of of it,” he said. “This is important.”
Hobbs pointed out that time is of the essence, so email is the best way to get information to him while the 15-day comment period is still open.


PLP Action Request — 2 Comments

  1. Sir: my wife & I are in our 70’s, and joined the GPAA/TSSD with the intentions of getting out and enjoying “mother nature”, by prospecting. And, after investing nearly $9,000 to join & purchasing a 4×4, metal detectors and a few other pieces of equipment, we were very disappointed to learn we are not able, and may not be able, to use them for what we wanted to, because of the restrictions that are in the processed of being passed and have been passed. We also planned on purchasing more prospecting equip. but have decided to wait. these new regs./laws, etc. are going to cost the economy alot of jobs, income. The money that we have spent and want to spend, we feel will help the economy, we feel Gov. Brown would want to have us, and others like us keep spending, manufacturing, renting hotels, restaurants, etc. everything that is spent by us Hobby prospectors. I can’t imagine how many are going to be impacted by the new laws & regulations, and how they will keep us out of our Land where only a few will get to enjoy it. All we want to do is some metal detecting with our little hand trowel, panning and a little sluicing, but finding an area that we can do it in is hard to find. it doesn’t make sense that off roaders, atc, etc. can tear up land, but a metal detector is considered vandalism.

    • Before investing funds in equipment, everyone needs to come to our meetings to see what is needed or liked by the individuals.

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