Court Hearing Information

Court ruling delayed
As the 90-minute open-court hearing concluded, Ochoa stated he would make a ruling “in a couple of weeks,” but that he wanted to meet with the plaintiffs and attorneys in his chambers. The closed-door session, which lasted about 45 minutes, ended with Ochoa instead ordering a Mandatory Settlement Conference set for June 24, with the understanding that the conference could last for several days.
June 24 conference closed to the public
The court-ordered Mandatory Settlement Conference is closed to the public, which means miners cannot attend, but only plaintiffs named in the lawsuits and their respective attorneys.
If the state, stage agencies, environmentalists and miners can’t arrive at a settlement, then Ochoa could either hand down a ruling or set another court hearing.
The ‘fully mitigate’ clause:
PLP President Jerry Hobbs said the most troubling requirement in the state legislation is a clause that requires the CDFW to “fully mitigate,” all significant disturbances from suction dredge mining, which even the California Environmental Quality Act does not address.
“It’s impossible to fully mitigate every significant impact from dredging or any other method of mining — whether it’s some turbidity in the stream, the sound of the engine or stepping on a twig or moving dirt,” Hobbs said “Even the California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials have admitted they can’t ‘fully mitigate’ or comply with Senate Bill 1018.”
Hobbs alleges that the language was deliberately included in the bill to prevent dredgers from ever getting back in the water.
“And yet, the state continually argues it’s not a prohibition,” he said.

Treasure Seekers Weekend Event

Treasure Seekers Weekend Event
The Treasure Seekers of San Diego County are partnering up with the Julian Mining Company for a great event this weekend, May 31 and June 1, to present the Julian Gold Rush Days. Event hours are from
10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Tracy Turner, vice president of the Julian Chamber of Commerce, stated that the Julian Gold Rush Days is a great opportunity to turn back the clock and give visitors an idea of what Julian was like in the early days”.
In the winter of 1869, a former slave Fred Coleman discovered gold in a creek just outside of Julian. It set off a frenzy of gold seekers. Over 800 prospectors from all over headed to Julian to search for gold. The first producing gold mine was the Washington Mine in 1870. Within days, over 40 other claims were registered. Gold can be found in and around Julian and also on the back side called Banner Grade. Some of us have claims there and still enjoy the search and find.
The event will take place in Wynola, just before Julian. if you come by the way of Ramona. If this is your route, don’t forget the egg ranch for jumbo eggs, and Dudley’s Bakery for your fresh baked breads and other souvenir items.
Plenty of parking and free admission too. Events planned are tomahawk throwing, gold panning, candle dipping, gold mine tours, special train ride, gold tours at Smith Ranch, performances by the Julian Doves & Desperadoes, and fun for the whole family.
We will be presenting free gold panning for kids, and a metal detecting hunt which is also free for the kids. They will be able to keep all the finds from both hunts. We will also have gold panning items for sale.
There will be plenty of arts and crafts, markets with food and drinks. We will be there also to promote our organization as well as the Gold Prospectors Association of America and have will promote GPAA memberships at a fantastic discount.
Sourdough Chet

TSS May 2014 Chapter Meeting

Treasure Seekers of San Diego (TSS) will hold their monthly chapter meeting on Wednesday, May 7th at the Joslyn Senior Center located at 210 Park Ave., Escondido CA 92025. The doors open at 6:00 pm.    Click Here for a Map.

Main Points of Discussion

Guest Speaker: TBA

Finds of the Month: Bring in your Finds of the Month. This is what you have ‘found’ during the last month and falls into three categories.

  • Gems and Minerals
  • Gold
  • Metal Detecting

Show off what you have done in the last month and there is a prize for the winner of each category.

Items available for purchase at the meeting:

  • TSS Claim Guides – $20.00 per guide with proof of your TSS membership card.
  • TSS Dowsing Rods – $25.00 per set.
  • TSS Bags of Gold Pay Dirt
    • 3 Sizes To Choose From
      • $10, $25, & $50
    • The $25 & $50 bags have pickers in them.

Monthly Opportunity Drawings at the meeting:

  • Door Prize Drawing (Free ticket for coming)
  • 50/50 Drawing ($1.00 per ticket)
  • Gold Nugget Drawing ($1.00 per ticket)
  • Table Drawing ($1.00 per ticket)

Quarterly Grand Prize Drawing (June 2014 Meeting):

Gold Magic Logo

Gold Magic

TSS Newsletter: May 2014

The Treasure Seekers of San Diego County’s official newsletter is called Finders Keepers and is published monthly. It contains information about the organization, interesting articles, as well as good information about Gold Prospecting & Treasure Hunting. The links below are for the newsletters published during 2014. Each newsletter is a PDF file and when you click on the link it will open up in a new browser window for you to read. If you would like to save a copy to your local computer, simply right-click the link and select “Save Link As”.

I hope you enjoy them and may your prospects be Golden.

May 2014

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Presidents Message: May 2014

Another full month of events in April. We went to the Bautista Claim and, at least, explored area within the dry stream bed where gold may have settled when there was water present. Equipment used and demonstrated ranged from a 151 and puffer drywashers, spiral wheel, recirculator and two types of vacuums. Not much gold found but we all enjoyed each other’s company and technique experience.

The court hearing was held this past month. What a great turnout of prospectors and miners. TSSD chartered a bus to go there and what an awesome trip. Three prospecting organizations participated in the bus ride. The Temecula Valley Prospectors, the Southwestern Prospectors and us the Treasure Seekers. We held a raffle on the bus trip and raised enough to cover bus seats not sold and additional funds to donate to the PLP. Thank you Michele, Brian, Jerry and all who made the raffle a success. As for the hearing, somewhere around 90-100 packed the courtroom in favor to resume dredging. Over 40 percent were from our bus trip. The lawyers from the California Fish and Wildlife acted as if all they wanted to do is prolong the stonewalling events even longer than the 2005 start of the dredging ban. The lawyers for PLP and the New 49’ers had ‘all their ducks in a row’ and had their game face on. They came with specific reasons why dredging should resume. The judge appeared to give more positive statements to the mining lawyers. The judge said that he would give a decision within two weeks. Thanks goes to the Klapka father and son, the organizations presidents and all those who helped to make the court presence a success. We all vowed to do it again if needed we have become a voice and banding together, we will be heard.

So many other events going on and coming up that you will just have to come the meetings to find out what’s up.

Sourdough Chet

Dredge Court Hearing

Court Hearing

Countdown to the court hearing on dredging. It will be at the Superior Court of California, County of San Bernardino, Rancho Cucamonga District Court 8303 Haven Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730. This case is about much more than suction dredging for gold. This case is about all methods used by miners to recover minerals.
This hearing will be held on May 1st 2014 and we can expect a decision by the end of May.
1st location: Escondido Transit Center and Park n Ride
700 W Valley Parkway–Escondido, CA 92025

2nd location: Temecula Park n Ride/ Mountain View Community Church
26201 Ynez Road–Temecula 92591

Destination: Superior Court of California, County of San Bernardino, Rancho Cucamonga District Court
8303 Haven Avenue–Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730
Arrival time 7:15-7:30 (without bad traffic delays)

Return Trip: The charter cost is figured with us leaving at or before 2:00 pm. Once the hearing is over we should all meet outside the courthouse and then prepare to get on the bus for the return trip. The bus and driver will be onsite while we are in the court and we will take a roll call before leaving.

The charter bus is a “luxury” school bus probably with bench style seats. *There is no bathroom on the bus.*

The general plan is for our bus load of people to arrive, get into the courthouse and get a seat in the correct courtroom. This way the judge will see we support the rights of miners and mining in California and the United States of America. We may only be able to stand outside the courtroom or in the halls of the courthouse.
Email ( or give me a call, Aaron Klapka 760-484-7803 or Contact Chester Nowicki 760-747-1165 (TSSD) please.
Tell a friend and get the word out however you can. Thanks very much.

April 2014 Elections Complete

voteThe annual elections were held at tonight’s April general meeting of the Treasure Seekers of San Diego County. There were two positions open for election (President & Treasurer) and there were 143 members & visitors in attendance to participate in the vote.

By popular vote, Chester Nowicki was re-elected as President and Jerry Goldstein was re-elected as Treasurer. Both positions carry a two year term.

Congratulations to both of them and we look forward to seeing the organization continue to grow.

TSS Outing 2008-02

Here are some pictures from two TSS Outings way back in February 2008… fun times!

The pictures are displayed using our new Gallery Tool which displays the pictures in a Pinterest type format. If you click on one of the pictures, it will open a picture viewer that allows you to easily browse through the images.

Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School

The Treasure Seekers of San Diego County visited their first group of second graders at a San Diego school last month to do our Gold Rush Presentation. It went great, the kids were awesome, and we got a write up in the school’s newsletter.

Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School

Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School

Many thanks to our dedicated members for giving the children a lesson about the California Gold Rush.  Robert Cook, Jerry Goldstein, Jim Mears, Chet Nowicki and Michele Silva.

Presidents Message: April 2014

Well here it is time for elections again. Up for election is the President’s position and also the Treasurer’s position. I don’t even know what the nominating committee has in store for us. Like they say everything happens for a reason. We’ll see what happens.

We had a good turnout for the Hauser Geode Beds. I did get to see some of the geodes still coming out of that area. We also had the Temecula Valley Prospectors with us on the outing. Never did hear if anyone stayed overnight.

A few of us did a Gold Rush Presentation for a school of one of our members. That went over great. We got a write up in the school newsletter. Thank you Michele, Jim, Robert, and Jerry. We all had fun.

We are doing a one day event this month. We will be going out to the GPAA Bautista Claim in Hemet. Maps are provided only for those who will be going. It is a GPAA claim so those of you who are GPAA members, bring your Membership Guide and Membership Card. This will be basically for new members who want to learn how to use various types of equipment and how to prospect and mine dry stream placers. The basic equipment needed will be your pans, picks, shovels, classifiers, buckets, panning tubs and panning water. This is snake country and so you will have to be aware of this along with where your friends and children are at all times. A lot has been said and written about lately on prospecting in dry stream beds. This is what we will be learning about. Other equipment handy for this site is a dry washer, spiral wheel, and recirculator.

Well, you know where we will be on May first. We chartered the bus. It will leave the Escondido Transit Center at 0530…….. That’s early for most. We have to be in Rancho Cucamonga by 0800. We will bring our TSS Banner. We will make a brief stop in Temecula to pick some of the TVP members. I want to have a raffle or two along the way. It’s only $12.00 with the tip, for the round trip ride. You can’t beat that price for the gas and someone else to drive. Now we have the opportunity to show support and help bring back our dredging rights. If you don’t support this right, I don’t want to hear any  complaints. If you don’t sign up, there will be no seats saved at the terminal.

We will talk of the Julian Gold Rush Days at our next meeting, but a brief mention here. We have been trying to get ourselves into this event for some years. With the help of some of our members, we are now in. It’s a big yearly event. Something close to our organization, and something we can use to help support the Gold Prospectors Association of America. We have contacted the GPAA and we want to work with them for their memberships and ours as well. We will be setting up on Friday May 30 and the event runs Saturday May 31 and June 1st. There are a lot of events that they will be doing and I know we will be able to do them also. We will have free gold panning and metal detecting for kids and we will be selling items to help support our Treasure Seekers. No doubt there will be a lot going on up farther in Julian. Sign up for those days and help support us.

We also have a school Gold Rush demonstration coming up on May 23 and we will be talking about that very soon. May your gold pan, thoughts and deeds be golden.

Sourdough Chet