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Another suction dredging update in California:
We had a chance last night to obtain more information on what is transpiring with the dredge case and wanted to update everyone.
No settlements were reached in the mandatory mediation and the just has stayed the case until September 4th.
It is pretty clear what is happening here folks. Judge Ochoa, a 40-something judge is looking out for his future political career. He is getting a lot of push back and being influenced by the radical left, enviro groups and even the politicians who passed the moratorium.
We believe he is trying to delay the case until after the Brandon Rinehart case is decided, then he can ride the coattails of that judge without hurting his career. Pitiful? Yes. Cowardly? Yes. Political? Absolutely.
Perhaps it is time Judge Ochoa heard from the hundred thousand or so small miners and business owners who are devastated by this moratorium and cannot make a living.
Stay tuned, we will be providing everyone with contact information and request you let Judge Ochoa hear YOUR voice.


Dredging Update — 6 Comments

  1. In the courthouse above you is the “Great Seal” of California in faux gold. On it there is a depiction of a miner with a gold nugget in his hand with the caption over it that reads “Eureka”.
    If the miners of old have made the legacy of financial independence in California by finding gold in the rivers of the state, then surely the loss of that “Unalienable”Right” would portray the loss of financial independence of all Californians.Such an Orwelian law must not be passed.
    Keep America strong by keeping California free and independent. Please rule in favor of our history, our legacy and our culture.
    Thank you.
    Regards, Thomas Stephan

  2. Shades of pre WW2 Germany. The judges avoided sensure by going along with the new laws. The fact that he does not want to rule makes me think he would rule in favor but knows to be politically correct he has to rule against dredging. The courageous gene is notably missing in this liberal grab all environment

  3. Sign me up for any need comments to the Judge. I’ve also donated to the cause through the New 49’er club. We need every voice to be heard………………

  4. I have been a Recreational Mining for Thirty some years. I have had my daughters prospecting for Gold when they were young and now I would like to do the same with my grandson without breaking laws that are not right by Federal laws. I am at the point of retiring and do not want to leave the state to do gold prospecting with him. Envirimentist have are twisting the result of reports to show only the bad a commericial mining operation can done that does not mean that all will do it and recreational miner are very law abiding people. experts from both sides may be twisting the results to win. butRecreational miners help the enviromement

  5. Thanks for the update. Afraid politicing has replaced many of the old values that made our nation unique. We appreciate your efforts on behalf of the club – Walt (s)

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