President’s Message: November 2017

Greetings Treasure Seekers,
It’s hard to believe it has already been a month, time really flies as the year comes to an end. Last month I talked about getting back into the desert for the fall prospecting season. This month I need to talk about the ability to stay in the desert, mountains, forests, streams, and […]

President’s Message: June 2016

Chester Nowicki

08-10-1939 to 05-24-2016
May He Be At Peace
Chester and approximately 15 others formed Treasure Seekers of San Diego and held the first election of officers on May 21, 2003, having separated from a Vista Gold group.
From May 2003 to June 2006, Chester held the position of Ways and Means Director and Article Writer for the […]

President’s Message: May 2016

The elections are now over and Jerry and I were reelected to our positions.  We thank you for your support.  There are a number of events that we will be doing this year that will take the place in lieu of the gold shows that other organizations like to do.  And, I expect you to […]

President’s Message: April 2016

Hauser Geode Beds was great.  We did find some.  We went out earlier than others, so we didn’t see other members of our group.  We found many of those geodes that were previously broken into so we knew we were in the right area. The weather was perfect.
A number of our members went to the […]

President’s Message: January 2016

Here we go again. Another new year with the Treasure Seekers. We started some years ago with a membership of around 30 members. Now, we have an average of 150 members coming to our meetings. Our meetings just keep getting better. Our speakers are top notch. Our membership volunteers are the very best. There are […]

Presidents Message: November 2015

The big happening this month is the Julian Rendezvous on Veterans Day, November 11. Over 60 have signed up already. Big prizes for the gold panning contest. Big prizes for the metal detecting contest and those who participate in the metal detecting contest are eligible to do the relic hunt afterwards. Three or four clubs […]