Presidents Message: April 2014

Well here it is time for elections again. Up for election is the President’s position and also the Treasurer’s position. I don’t even know what the nominating committee has in store for us. Like they say everything happens for a reason. We’ll see what happens.
We had a good turnout for the Hauser Geode Beds. I [...]

Presidents Message: January 2014

Happy New Year. How many years have we been together? Some of us have been together since the late 1990’s. Others, of us, got together in 2000/03. Well, we are still organized and growing ever stronger. Now we are pretty much headstrong and independent. Our speakers, instructors, and those who educate us in the topics [...]

Presidents Message: November 2013

I’m reading some great articles on the Internet at the website. The latest is Ancient
Seashells in the Desert. The article speaks about the Yuha Basin and the shell bed of six million year old oyster fossils. The article also describes other shell bed areas. Look up
The National Park Service Rangers have reopened the [...]

Presidents Message: September 2013

The hearing for the motion for a preliminary injunction on dredging was held August 27, 28. Judge Gilbert Ochoa, has denied the preliminary injunction. He found that the miners did not have irreparable harm. It was also mentioned in the articles from the PLP and ICMJ that most of those who showed up at the [...]

Presidents Message: August 2013

A lot of events have taken place since we last met. We had our picnic in July. The metal detecting hunt was a
whole lot of fun. Prizes being many old U.S. coins. Medallions found for some special prizes. We also had the
gold panning contest. Klaus brought his rock crusher and gave us a demonstration of [...]

Presidents Message: June 2013

Well, we had our outing at the Freedom claim this past month. We shared our outing with the Southwestern
Prospectors and Miners Association. Haven’t heard anything from those who attended. It was a bit hot up there.
We normally schedule the Freedom for April, but conceded to May for SPMA scheduling. We shared with their
Potholes claim in [...]