Presidents Message: March 2015

Busy month of February. We hosted the Pomona Gold Show, We went to the Cargo Claims down south, we had some great fun beach metal detecting and the Sleepy Bear Mining along with American Prospector and Treasure Seekers held a fund raiser for the Public Lands for the People.
The Gold Show went better than I […]

Presidents Message: January 2015

Here we go again. Another January Presidents Message. Another great year has passed. I haven’t heard any complaints. I would like to personally thank all those who have put in their time and volunteered this past year. Without you, we wouldn’t have had such a great year. Even more have stepped up to volunteer this […]

Presidents Message: December 2014

The year is gone! What did we do? Where did we go?
Well for educational benefits, for our members, we did some scouting and elementary school events.  We took our members out to various claims and other places where we could learn about identifying numerous gems and minerals. We went on fossil hunts and learned more […]

Presidents Message: November 2014

I read a new pamphlet from the BLM today. I didn’t see the copyright date on it so I don’t know when it was introduced to the public. It’s called “Casual Use Mining Guidelines in the Barstow Resource Area. Not San Bernardino, not Riverside, Imperial or San Diego areas. Just Barstow. Right away, I got […]

Presidents Message: October 2014

Members going all over the place this past month. Some up on the East Fork, some at the beaches, some at Lytle Creek and some at the Stewart Mine. The Treasure Seekers are a great bunch of members enjoying the camaraderie of each other and doing their part in teaching us all how to metal […]

Presidents Message: September 2014

We had a great turnout at our beach coin hunt this past month. It was put together on the fly and it worked out perfectly. Thank you Jerry G. and John H. for setting it all up and making it a great success at such short notice. We had this large hunt area with 20-25 […]

Presidents Message: August 2014

Well if anyone has been doing any outdoor activities other than barbequing, it’s probably been beach metal detecting. Much too hot for anything else. We did have a great picnic again this year. We had twice as many in the metal detecting hunt. Jerry Goldstein set up a larger area and tossed a lot of […]

Presidents Message: June 2014

Well, we had to cancel our May outing to the Freedom or Smokin’ claims. It was a bit hot but the most troublesome was the gusty winds of up to 40 mph. No use getting your autos san blasted or blowing spark embers into your tents. We’ve seen that before. Tents have broken their supports […]