April 2014 Elections Complete

The annual elections were held at tonight’s April general meeting of the Treasure Seekers of San Diego County. There were two positions open for election (President & Treasurer) and there were 143 members & visitors in attendance to participate in the vote.
By popular vote, Chester Nowicki was re-elected as President and Jerry Goldstein was re-elected [...]

Buckman Springs Road Closures

Dear Fellow Prospectors,
I am passing along this information about the Buckman Springs road closures.
This message is being sent to you at the request of SPMA & TSS member Jon Cunningham.
Jon would like to urge everyone to email the US Forest Service to request an extension of the public comment period for the pending closure of [...]

Message from a fellow miner

Road closures. The Cleveland National Forest Service sent out a legal notice that was published in the Union Tribune on Thursday, 12/5/2013. Comments are due by Monday, 1/6/2014. The link that was previously provided has been disabled. The notice sent out concerns decommissioning the roads. The Forest Service plans to close all roads that are [...]

PLP Event and Support

Hello Fellow Prospectors & Treasure Hunters!
We want to remind you that this Saturday, December 21st from 10am – 4pm will be the PLP Membership Drive & Michael Greyshock’s book signing here at the America Prospector Treasure Seeker Store. Please, if you haven’t already, post it to your Facebook, send the info to your email contacts, [...]

GPAA Veterans Day Special Offer

I got this off of Facebook. We, here at this site may want to see if you can also apply for this. At least, check it out.
Subject: GPAA Veterans Day Special Offer – Hunting4Gold
Size: 9 KB
Thank you for your service to us as veterans and thanks for subscribing to Hunting4Gold.com’s Newsletter!
It’s Prospector Jess here,
My friend [...]