About Us

Treasure Seekers of San Diego County

The San Diego California Chapter of the Gold Prospectors Association of America

Mission Statement

Treasure Seekers of San Diego County is a non-profit, tax exempt organization formed to provide members & guests with training and educational programs in prospecting, metal detecting, small mining, and treasure hunting techniques. We also focus on the identification and removal of minerals, caches and other treasure items while keeping the preservation of the environment and wild habitat in mind.

We will accomplish this through lectures, demonstrations, and hands on training at our club meetings, public schools, and other group events and outings. Most important, we are dedicated to seeing that our members and guests enjoy the camaraderie of each other at our meetings and at any of our events.

Membership is FREE and open to all.

Our club meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm. We currently meet at the Joslyn Senior Center at 210 Park Avenue Escondido, CA 92025. Click Here for a map.

We hold a general prospecting/treasure hunting outing each month as well as a metal detecting outing. These are normally announced at the club meeting and are a great way to learn about prospecting & metal detecting in a fun outdoor setting.

We would encourage you to come to one of our meetings and get to know us better. Who knows, you might be one of the lucky winners in one of our monthly drawings.

Board Members

Position Name Phone Email
President Chester Nowicki 760-747-1165 candhnow@cox.net
Vice President Jason Evans 760-525-1189 min-arch@hotmail.com
Secretary John Hendricks 760-213-3503 kd6rhd56@aol.com
Treasurer Jerry Goldstein 760-317-1819 Auprospector101@aol.com
Newsletter Charlene Myers 760-439-8521 charlenemyers@cox.net
Membership Chairman Aline Hendricks 760-213-3503 kd6rhd56@aol.com
Membership Sharon Crnkovic 760-519-7757 slgacrnk@aol.com
PLP Sue Jeffery 951-676-2555 info@aptsgold.com
Ways & Means Jerry Goldstein 760-317-1819 Auprospector101@aol.com
Activity Communicator John Howe 760-621-0550 lgolfer@aol.com
Librarian Rozalynn Laffoon 619-423-6426 RozalynnLaffoon@att.net
Claims Robert Cook 760-741-6547 rmjcc@cox.net
Claims Guide Jim Mears 760-746-9698 JandCMears@cox.net
Claims Guide Sharon Crnkovic 760-519-7757 slgacrnk@aol.com
Equipment Manager Earl Sterrett 858-922-4547 Earls@awproperties.net
Finds of the Month Steve Thacker thackersc@aol.com
Gold Bags Charlie Freeman 760-789-0063 char-carm@sbcglobal.net
Sgt. At Arms Keith Browning keithbro2001@yahoo.com
Refreshments Ron Gonsalves & Sue Conner 760-480-5638 Goldbusters@sbcglobal.net
TSS Apparel John Troseth 619-820-8676 jtroseth@yahoo.com
Director At Large Ray Wilkerson 760-598-6441 bwilkerson9@cox.net
Director At Large Loren Raddatz 760-726-7397 Laraddatz@cox.net
Director At Large Jerry Kaplan 858-453-6447 jerryk23A@gmail.com